As part of our Site Planning Services, ​​​EJB Designs provides Landscape Management Programs that capitalizes on in-depth experiences in design, construction, maintenance & snow management, irrigation, and lighting.

Over the past 20 years and working with many Clients over long periods of time, EJB realized the potential for significant costs savings on a multitude of property types.

EJB can formulate a detailed property assessment that identifies opportunities and constraints along with maintenance practices that are most likely driving much higher yearly costs. Our observations and recommendations are organized into a formal Program Booklet with monthly monitoring as an option.

Below are a series of key questions we can help answer and potentially introduce significant savings to your yearly maintenance budget.

Its great that you are watering, but are you watering your lawn and plants too much?

How mature are your plants? 

How much "green" are you mowing away from your budgets?

Are your trees all of sudden dying after having been growing healthy for many years?

How much mulch are you installing every year and what are you killing when doing it?

How many plants are you replacing or lawn areas repairing after every winter?

How damaged are your concrete walks from snow management practices?

Is your property susceptible to slip/fall hazards each winter?

Do you have drainage issues?

Do you have isolated landscape areas in need of too much maintenance?

Have you TRUELY considered a more sustainable approach to your landscape?

Are your plants being killed by other plants?

Our experiences span well beyond just design. We have been trained by the best snow and plant management practitioners in the industry. We assess properties on a regular basis and constantly check our projects for years after being installed. This allows us to monitor what we are doing and how landscapes are reacting in different types of situations.

Contact EJB Designs, LLC to discuss your property and determine how we maybe able to assist with your landscape management practices. 617-877-6805 or at

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