EJB Designs, LLC

Site Planning & Landscape Architecture

We interviewed multiple independent landscape architecture firms. After doing so, we felt EJB Designs was the best fit for our unique needs based on Erik’s experience and willingness to understand what we were trying to accomplish.

We felt EJB Designs’ youth, education, and approachability were strong qualities that would lead to an ideal partnership.

EJB Design’s efforts were excellent in meeting our expectations. They were always professional, diligent and hardworking.

We are confident the work EJB Design’s put forward will enhance the identity and value of our community.

EJB Designs went above and beyond to design the extensive landscaping renovations for our complex that would fit within our budgetary needs. We look forward to our new landscaping being more sustainable while adding increased color, clarity, and an overall theme to our whole community.

The Board of Trustees - Village at Crown Colony Condominiums


We were fortunate to work with Erik last summer designing a shade garden for our backyard as well as a brick paver patio. He also reconfigured our front walkway. His talent, professionalism and vision completely changed our property. Erik was easily approachable and responsive to our many questions during the course of the project. It was a pleasure working with him from the beginning to the end. 

Jill and Michael

Swampscott, MA

Good job Erik. You’re the best. Thanks for the input and all the time you put into this. We will be using you on all our government work going forward. I promise that will be a nice add to your resume.

Again thanks for all of the effort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, I would like to say that you really went above the call here and your efforts on this project. (C.S. Bird Fountain) All of us at Veteran’s Development Corp. thank you as do all the people involved. You really drove this one home and should be very proud of yourself. As a Marine it was an honor to have served under your command and will cherish this part of my life forever. I will always feel what we did with what we had to work with was simply in the end a very special miracle.

Veterans Development Corporation, Inc.

Dear Erik,
Just a note to tell you how delighted we are with the garden you designed. We have lived in this house for thirteen years and have never enjoyed the yard as we are now. We are living out there! I had no idea really that this would make a difference in how we live hear. It has been a transformation and a revelation.

We appreciate the enormous amount of creative thinking that went into the hardscape and the plantings. Every contractor that worked on the project, and believe most were pretty taciturn types, commented on how good the design is.

We appreciate too your extensive knowledge of plant material and are very glad we picked a landscape architect with your background. It really was a bonus to work with someone who has actually done the installation and understands what happens “in the field.”

It was a pure pleasure to develop this plan with someone of your passion, your knowledge and your patience.
It is always wonderful to be working with someone as ethical and courteous as you are, truly. I have and will continue to recommend you to my friends.

Best Wishes,
Lexington, MA

Hi Erik!

The projects were disruptive but fun at the same time that's for sure! Through thick and thin I enjoyed working with you, I'll never forget at one of our first meetings, you said you liked your job so much because you changed people's lives. The outdoor spaces that you created did change our lives for the better and we appreciate it. 

Any time that you want to come by, let me know. You can see how the landscape has matured an walk the property. Coffee available free of charge :)


Sheldonville, MA

Hi Erik,

 We LOVE our back patio! I will send pictures to you in a day or so. I worked late tonight but wanted to send a quick note to say we absolutely love the design. Landscape America, the owners and staff, were all fantastic to work with. They made a few extra recommendations during construction which were all great suggestions. We have had a few minor issues and they have responded right away when we reached out to them. Thanks for the referral to them. We have referred them to neighbors and, I think, they have done a few additional jobs in the neighborhood. I'll send those pictures soon. If you're in the neighborhood and ever want to stop by, please feel free to do so. If we're home, be sure to knock on the door and say hello. If we're not here, feel free to walk around to take a look.

 Thanks again for your help with the project.

Plainville, MA