Construction is well underway with the first building, pool and amenity areas expected to open to the public at the end of July 2018. 

The communities' open spaces will offer many attractive amenities including BBQ grill stations, fire table, pergola, double sided fire place, pool, fire pit, large dog park, seating and tables. Woodland walking paths will also be available for tenants to enjoy.

The Residences at Moose Hill

Walpole, Massachusetts

Design transformation from concept to construction documents. The project is now under construction.

EJB Designs, LLC

Site Planning & Landscape Architecture

Most residential communities built nowadays are designed to stretch zoning requirements and unit counts limiting the aesthetic value and integration of quality open space for tenants.

The Residences at Moose Hill is a community designed with sound site planning practices put into place from the very beginning stages of design. It started with the Developer and their deep desire to create something special..." to design it right". It was highly important for this desire to resonate throughout the Design Team.

Key site planning goals included the preservation of vegetation; harmonize development with the existing topography and respect the surrounding community and adjacent environmental resources.

Attractive entry walls along with expansive vegetative buffers and lawn areas first welcome tenants and visitors into a realization of a special place almost park-like.  The three main buildings are situated over 200' from the street and 10 feet below the street grade. They are also tucked behind existing large evergreens minimizing their presence within the neighborhood.

The structures and parking are also well balanced with generous and attractive open spaces. EJB Designs incorporated high-end amenities  to be highly attractive and enticing while  offering tenants useable outdoor places and spaces.

Architect: Cube3 Studio