A Site Plan rendering and quick sketch overlays were created to help the Client visualize the  extents of the project.

Front Yard Renovation

Norwell, MA

The renovation of this front yard landscape appears relative straight forward, but was farm from it. The design program started with resolving the drainage issues and poor lawn conditions the Client had for years. Hundreds of feet of roadway drainage flowed directly into the front yard.

Additionally, the design program included the thoughtful process of melding  a large parking area, basketball court, delivery truck drop off and fountain feature while maintaining an attractive curb appeal.

The water feature and porous paving became an attractive and welcoming visual element while also serving the functional purposes for kids play and vehicular turning.

The water feature recycles water from the roof runoff and driveway through porous decorative paving. LED lights enhance the feature during the evening hours for that wow factor.

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