The main entrance was designed to create an enhanced "brand" identity for the community with a new sign and sustainable plantings, along with efficient irrigation and lighting.

The decorative stone rain garden captures surface and subsurface storm water while creating an appealing view from the clubhouse. Boulders and stepping stones allow the storm water amenity to also be an interactive landscape feature.

EJB Designs was selected to assist the Village at Crown Colony Condominiums to resolve many site issues and establish a new brand identity.

A detailed site assessment and survey provided valuable data to help the community understand the existing constraints and site opportunities. This knowledge was communicated and applied toward sound design solutions aesthetically, functionally and sustainably.

The landscape architecture design included a first phase enhanced main entrance with new signage, mounded planting beds, indigenous plantings, efficient irrigation and landscape lighting.

The second phase clubhouse improvements will include new outdoor amenities, set walls, dog park and efficient lighting. Low Impact Development (LID) storm-water strategies such as a rain garden and bio-swales will be highly important to resolve major drainage issues.

The third phase will encompass overall site improvements at each building including drainage enhancements, selective thinning of vegetation and planting of indigenous and durable flowers, ornamental grasses and groundcovers. All existing irrigation controllers will be upgraded to smart controllers.

In result, general maintenance practices are expected to become more sustainable and efficient while increasing the property's value and identity.

EJB Designs formulated Construction Drawings; managed the Bid Process and is providing Construction Oversight Services to assist with guiding the Client through the complex process.

The design process included site analysis, design concepts and sketch perspectives to fully understand the constraints and opportunities throughout the community. While we offer high quality digital perspectives, some Clients prefer quick hand sketches to depict the design intent.

The 100 unit community is in the process of extensive architectural and landscape improvements to enhance its identity and value.

Village at Crown Colony

Quincy, Massachusetts

EJB Designs, LLC

Site Planning & Landscape Architecture

Clients Comments

We interviewed multiple independent landscape architecture firms. After doing so, we felt EJB Designs was the best fit for our unique needs based on Erik’s experience and willingness to understand what we were trying to accomplish.

We felt EJB Designs’ youth, education, and approachability were strong qualities that would lead to an ideal partnership.

EJB Design’s efforts were excellent in meeting our expectations. They were always professional, diligent and hardworking.

We are confident the work EJB Design’s put forward will enhance the identity and value of our community.

EJB Designs went above and beyond to design the extensive landscaping renovations for our complex that would fit within our budgetary needs. We look forward to our new landscaping being more sustainable while adding increased color, clarity, and an overall theme to our whole community.

- The Board of Trustees