Poolscape site plan

EJB was originally hired to assist with a poolscape design after the pool, spa and pool house footings were already installed. At that point, the Clients were highly concerned about grading and drainage without out having any design plans to guide them or understand the anticipated costs. EJB formulated an overall poolscape design outlining the drainage challenges, terracing, material selections and budgets that allowed the Client to make sound decisions. From then, the Client understood the value and benefits of good site planning and landscape architecture design, which then led to four additional design phases for their 5 acres of land.

The goals to improving the overall appearance and proportion included:

  • Decrease the visual scale of the walls
  • Minimize or reduce the appearance of vast open mulch areas
  • Create a greater sense of welcoming and privacy
  • Break up the "scale" of the slope
  • Introduce more hardscape diversity
  • Create more interest during the evening hours and winter months
  • Establish a healthy and lush landscape

The pool/spa and pool house footings were already installed when EJB took over the project.

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